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The Next Big Thing

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THE NEXT BIG THING WRITERS’ BLOG CHAIN The Next Big Thing is a blog series, winding its way through the internet. I’m delighted to participate by answering a few questions about my book. Big Thanks to Pam Belluck for inviting me to join in. You can find out more about Pam’s terrific new book, Island Practice, [...]

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books REVIEW: Two women, two symbols, two different points of view Article by: JINA MOORE , Special to the Star Tribune Updated: March 6, 2012 – 1:44 PM

The lives of two very different women – one a Somali, one a Pakistani – serve as a framework for understanding fundamentalist Islam.

“Wanted [...]

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 The Washington Post 

“Wanted Women: Faith, Lies & the War on Terror: The Lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Aafia Siddiqui by Deborah Scroggins   By Rachel Newcomb, Published: March 2, 2012

“I think that we are at war with Islam,” Somali-Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali said in a 2007 interview. “And there’s no middle ground [...]

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The Arab Spring’s misogynist winter  DEBORAH SCROGGINS Tuesday, February 21, 2012


A year after they marched alongside men to topple regimes in the Arab Spring, Arab women are facing a wall of misogyny.In Tunisia, Salafist vigilantes have been attacking unveiled women and occupying universities that do not allow the face veil. In Egypt, only [...]

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  Wanted Women

What the West can learn from two fiercely intelligent Muslim women who took opposing paths in life.

By Lee E. Cart / January 30, 2012


Wanted Women By Deborah ScrogginsHarperCollins539 pp.



How do two women – both [...]

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Sunday Book Review     Islam and the West Through the Eyes of Two Women


Faith, Lies, and the War on Terror: The Lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafia Siddiqui

By Deborah Scroggins

Illustrated. 539 pp. Harper/HarperCollins Publishers. $27.99.

By ELIZA GRISWOLD Published: January 27, 2012

Very few of [...]

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Drawing a comparison, dubiously

By The Washington Times

Wednesday, January 25, 2012



By Deborah Scroggins

Harper, $27.99, 539 pages

Reviewed by Lauren Weiner

“W anted Women: Faith, Lies, and the War on Terror: [...]

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Huffington Post, 1/26/12

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Women As Weapons In The War On Terror Posted: 01/26/2012 10:09 am  


 Seven years ago I set out to trace the lives of two Muslim women who were becoming Joan-of-Arc figures for what the Bush Administration used to call “the global war on terror.” The [...]

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Books Sunday, Jan 22, 2012 5:00 PM 21:45:15 EST

“Wanted Women”: The she-devil and the martyr An engrossing look at women and Islam finds parallels between a bestselling author and a convicted terrorist By Laura Miller


Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafia Siddiqui  (Credit: Wikipedia)


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