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Kirkus Reviews, 11/1/11

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Kirkus Reviews WANTED WOMEN: Faith, Lies, and the War on Terror: The Lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafia Siddiqui Author: Scroggins, Deborah

Review Issue Date: November 1, 2011 Online Publish Date: October 11, 2011 Publisher:Harper/HarperCollins Pages: 464

In-depth portrait of two prominent women in the Islamic world.

Two women, one from Somalia, [...]

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Transports of love and hate.
By Natasha Cica.
12 July 2003
The Australian

Emma’s War: Love, Betrayal and Death in the Sudan By Deborah Scroggins, HarperCollins, 389pp, $27.95 IT’S not every twentysomething, pearl-wearing English rose who rejects “bourgeois nesting” with stockbrokers to run around war-torn Sudan wrapped in Ethiopian shawls, orchestrating intimate [...]

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Review – Books – A good woman in Africa – The life of a Westerner who married a warlord brings home …
9 March 2003
The Observer

A good woman in Africa – The life of a Westerner who married a warlord brings home Sudan’s bloody conflict – Emma’s [...]

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Robin Kirk
22 December 2002

The News & Observer Raleigh, NC

Journalists covering distant wars know that the challenging part of the job is not getting there, but making the stories they find compelling to us back home. This is no simple task, especially when the journalist writes [...]

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Speaking of – Africa – Africa.
21 December 2002
The Economist


Africa is a continent made for – and of – storytellers

“Emma’s War”. By Deborah Scroggins. Pantheon; 389 pages; $25. To be published in Britain by HarperCollins in March 2003″Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight”. By Alexandra Fuller. Random House; [...]

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Book World
Going Native
Reviewed by Lorraine Adams
10 November 2002
The Washington Post


By Deborah Scroggins

Pantheon. 389 pp. $25

Ever since Victorian abolitionists and Christian missionaries traveled to Khartoum in the 19th century, the British aid worker, whether liberal do-gooder or conservative God-giver, has sought, many times [...]

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Aid worker drawn into soul of Sudan ; ‘Emma’s War’ is tale of love amid conflict
Stephen Lyons
Special for USA TODAY
17 October 2002


Flamboyant British aid worker Emma McCune favored red miniskirts, risky adventures and African men. The Tall Woman from Small Britain, as she was affectionately called, stood [...]

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Wednesday, Dec 11, 2002 4:51 PM 13:12:54 EST

When a beautiful, idealistic Western aid worker fell in love with a Sudanese warlord, a terrible tragedy of hunger and violence was set in motion.

By Michelle Goldberg

“Emma’s War” is a tale of high romance and tragedy that offers an epic view of the kind [...]

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Book Review Desk; Section 7
The Tall Woman From Small Britain
By George Packer
1562 words
20 October 2002
The New York Times

While Americans have been thinking about other things, a civil war in Sudan that began in 1983 has killed more than two million people. The conflict between [...]

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